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What is mysugarcase?

mysugarcase is a young start-up that designs and produces diabetes bags that are perfectly tailored to a life with diabetes. In doing so, they stand out  especially through the combination of quality, style and Functionality. Daily diabetes management should be simplified, facilitated and at the same time embellished!

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What motivates us

"Since the day I was asked about my ugly black nylon diabetes bag for the first time and could no longer decide for myself when to talk about my diabetes, I have been working on mysugarcase ..." Maren Schinz (founder)

2015 - Maren had been living with type I diabetes for 5 years when she kept asking herself the same question: Why are there no beautiful AND functional diabetes accessories? 

"I've tried a lot over the years, from writing cases to cosmetic bags, but nothing worked really well. At some point I took heart and founded mysugarcase            To develop diabetic accessories that nobody has to hide anymore. "


You can find out more here in the video

You can read more about our history and foundation here

by people with diabetes!

What makes us good

We ourselves live with or as type F (amilie) with diabetes. We bring a lot of experience, knowledge and attention to detail into product development.

We live our products.

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